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Carla not only has helped to change my life, Carla has literally been instrumental in saving my life. I was alive but not living. My soul was literally dying when I met Carla. I was a very broken soul. There is no way to thank her for all she has done for me. And there is no way to completely thank her for how she has impacted and continues to impact my life. I definitely recommend Carla for life coaching. And I am blessed beyond words to have met her. Thank you to the Universe and to God for bringing Carla into my life. And most of all, thank you Carla.

- Tara Neshta-Singleton--

Coach Carla is a lifesaver no doubt about it. This amazing woman has not only served my business coach needs, but has also helped me personally. She talks the talk, but most importantly walks the walk.  Her advice is always clear and concise, cutting through to the heart of any matter. She has an intuitive gift for feeling people out and pinpointing their specific energetic needs. With a good dose of tough love and a gentle hand, Couch Carla whips the    business & personal into tip top shape. If you are a business owner, you can’t afford not to hire Coach Carla as your consultant and coach.

- Ashley Thesier, owner of the Yoga Loft Tampa --

Your listening ear, and your clear head, were precisely what I needed. I almost can't believe that the world has seen fit to gift me with such a wise, careful, and steady guide but I'm just grateful for it. 

- Jenny Slater --

The invaluable advice and suggestions Coach Carla offered, quickly and clearly became a necessity.  I will never forget one of the first lessons I learned from Carla, “You are a good leader, and you will be successful, but you can’t ‘manage’ yourself in your own business, most people can’t.

Carla’s uncanny ability to understand you, your background and industry, is no doubt what makes her and her clients so successful! Her unique approach to combine your “personality” and style, into your business approach even though life certainly shouldn’t just be about work, but life does influence work and what you do with it. One certainly can’t work without the other, in harmony. Carla has not only helped me understand that, but has helped me evolve my true strengths and conquer my fears, which often hold us back. 

- Paradise Paws Pet Crew --

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